See sawin (at Sweet Olive Farm)

1 year ago on 06/02/13 at 11:01am

Wish this camper were behind my car! Happy spring break Athens!

1 year ago on 03/11/13 at 03:50pm

WELCOME!! Sorry if you have to step over shop baby!

1 year ago on 03/05/13 at 01:38pm

New Goodies in the Shop

Spring is a time for fresh beginnings.  To prepare we got some new goodies in. 

-We are loving the spring line of Winter Water Factory onesies, rompers, dresses, and baby gowns.  All made in the USA!

-Spring means playing outside in perfect weather. These play mask are a great way to create fun outdoor plays. 

-Spring means baby birds! Those little guys need a cute place to live. This DIY Embrodiery Birdhouse is a Treehouse exclusive. 

-Blablas! Carry your little friends with you through all your Spring Time adventures.

-We are so excited to have the Anorak: The Happy Mag for Kids quartly. Aimed at both boys and girls aged between 6 and 12 years old. You will find in every edition fun stories to read, stuff to make and plenty of colouring pages to keep everyone HAPPY! Anorak’s themes follow the National Curriculum topics.

-Start planting! The Book of Gardening Projects for Kids is a great way to involve the whole family in garden planning. 

1 year ago on 03/02/13 at 03:27pm

Easter Craft Round Up!

Easter is coming next month and we are ready to get easter crafting. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite easter crafts to get y’all started. You have a month! Go! 


1.  Felt Sheet Bunny Finger Puppets

2. Felt Sheet Easter Basket

3. Felt Sheet Bunny Ears

4.  Needle Felted Easter Egg

5. Neddle Felted Chick and Bunny

6. Wet Felted Hollow Eggs and Nest

7. Yarn Easter Chick

8. White Amigurumi Bunny

9. Braided Yarn Wreath

…and remember TREEHOUSE kid and craft has everything you need to get this crafts done by easter!

1 year ago on 02/23/13 at 05:20pm

Adult Winter Doll Making ›

We are getting so excited for this class! Lindsay is an AMAZING felting teacher, and we always have a blast. Sign up today!

1 year ago on 02/19/13 at 05:51pm

The Story of Kiki & Coco, a Jess Brown Doll

We here at Treehouse are big Jess Brown fans.  We love how each doll is unique and thoughtfully made.  No two are alike and each has a personality of its own.  So imagine our excitement when the book Kiki & Coco in Paris arrived at our doorstep!! This book is beautifully photographed and a lovely story of a girl and her best friend Coco, a Jess Brown Doll.  This book and a doll would be a very special gift for a loved one, and February is the perfect month to remind those around us of how special we think they are.  <3

Click on the photos to see items on our site. 

Kiki & Coco in Paris

Rag Doll Girl by Jess BrownBoy Rag Doll by Jess Brown

1 year ago on 02/16/13 at 03:03pm

DIY Needle Felted Blanket

We love needle felting. Period. This is a super easy way to bring felting into your home decor.  We all have old blankets around that don’t really fit well in out home anymore. Felt them! Pick a design you want and go to town!  This is a great tutorial on A Beautiful Mess to get you started. Good luck!Needle Felted Blanket

1 year ago on 02/15/13 at 10:00am

DIY Letterbox

Two days until Valentines!  You still have time to get festive and crafty. While doing my usual browsing for craft ideas I stumbled upon this.  At first I thought it looked a little difficult, but it’s not!  It’s so simple! And how cute would it be to slip love notes into or send to school with your little ones?! Check out Adalou for the lovely tutorial!

1 year ago on 02/12/13 at 04:49pm